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Recording Booth

Built to ensure complete silence, no external noise will enter your recording. The interior has been attentively treated and decorated to provide the perfect acoustic environment for recording vocals.


Allan and Heath QU16 Digital Mixer

You will hear live FX on your voice as you record with us. This mixer saves your vocal settings as a preset, so you can return for over-dubs/future recordings hassle free.

Click here to learn more about the QU-16. 


Rode NT2-A (singing)

Rode mics are Australian-made, and extremely reliable. They are the best sounding mics on the market. This mic is ultra low noise, and doesn't tarnish a good recording with unwelcome noise.

Click here to learn more about the Rode NTA-2


Rode Broadcaster

The Broadcaster is specifically used for spoken vocals, opposed to sung. It's perfect for your business PowerPoints, promo videos, podcasts, or YouTube channel.

Click here to see the specs.

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